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Established in 2010, Shocheton Nari Shongothon (SNS) is a national non-government women's organization, mandated to promote gender equality, human rights and fostering personal and political empowerment of women in Bangladesh. It provides capacity building support, networking and human rights advocacy to women and her relevant organizations.

After the independence of Bangladesh in 1971, and over the years, there have been a large number of growths of women’s groups and women’s organizations in the grass-roots level to reach women and change their situation. They are acting as agents to ensure women’s leadership and empowerment in the development process. But due to lack of access and control over external or local resources, they remain mostly inactive and non-functional in their mission.


At present, the approximate numbers of the LWOs are 18,189, but virtually they have no access to any financial sources. Despite having lot of devotion and commitment for the cause and interest of women, they do not even qualify and have access to any local financing institutes or any other service delivery agencies or resource organization due to their limited dimension, remoteness, zero access in information deficiency in communication and technical skills.

However, with the aim of promoting women’s leadership and women empowerment at the grassroots level, Shocheton Nari Shongothon has established a network with 169 Local Women Organizations in 64 districts. SNS is functioning with the representatives of the Women’s Organizations in the local level.




Transformative leadership and sustainable change for women and girls.


SNS's long-term vision is to empower women and girls to make them aware about their individual rights, train those to act collectively and promote gender equality through education, networking and advocacy at the state, society and community levels.


This vision is aligned with national development efforts contained in the Government of Bangladesh's Poverty Reduction Strategy (2005-07) and Millennium Goals, which emphasises participatory governance and the advancement of women.



Strategic Objectives:

To support women’s initiatives focusing on human rights, gender equality and improve conditions of women and children in Bangladesh.

Shocheton Nari Shongothon is built for creating dynamic communities through leadership development and financial support to women for bringing a sustainable change in their lives.



SNS will adopt the following principles in its work and use these to make strategic choices about the kind of activities it will engage in. These principles are independence, inclusion, innovation, non-confrontation, adding value, empowerment and value for money .



Work of Interest:

  1. Resist violence against Women.

  2. Ensure Women Education, inspire and help Women to find a job.

  3. Establish Women’s Human Rights.

  4. Give Women all kind of social assistance against fundamentalist and terrorism.

  5. Free Women from forced Prostitution.

  6. Awareness against Early Marriage.

  7. Social awareness against Dowry.