About Shocheton Nari Shongothon (SNS):


Shocheton Nari Shongothon (SNS) which translates to the Organisation for Women Awareness is founded in Bangladesh by renowned singer Azmari Nirjhar. The target was to fight for Women Rights. Nirjhar was the convenor of this organisation and was elected President here in 2014.

SNS believes in Equal Rights for Women and that Women are not meant to only Serve Men. Women can and should work beside men in every aspect. Seeing women being tortured by men, from her childhood, Nirjhar had a dream to fight against it. And for that, she started "Shocheton Nari Shongothon" in September 21, 2010. Since then, SNS is working for Women education, Women independence and fighting against dowry, polygamy, early marriage, eve teasing, prostitution and gender discrimination.


Shocheton Nari Shongothon is a representation of the efforts of rural women’s organizations working throughout Bangladesh. In generally hostile conditions women try to promote gender equality, women’s leadership, women’s human rights and the combating of violence against women.

Since its inception in 2010 SNS has sought to assist in developing women’s organizations in rural areas, trying to challenge the structural, systemic and administrative problems that small women’s organizations face in an environment which undermines their ability to actively and effectively mobilize.




To support innovative and transformative women's rights initiatives with the aim of creating a society based on gender equality and social justice.



Development Goal:
Shocheton Nari Shongothon's immediate development goal is to support women's leadership and representation in local government bodies, workplace and national level with sufficient critical mass to affect social norms, development policy and programmes in favour of women.




  1. Resist violence against Women.
  2. Ensure Women Education, inspire and help Women to find a job.
  3. Establish Women’s Human Rights.
  4. Give Women all kind of social assistance against fundamentalist and terrorism.
  5. Free Women from forced Prostitution.
  6. Awareness against Early Marriage.
  7. Social awareness against Dowry.



Target Audience

SNS has been working for women and adolescent girls and youth under different situation covering both urban and rural areas. More specifically, the target groups of SNS is as follows:

  • Garments factory Workers;
  • Trade Unions;
  • Women elected representatives of local government;
  • Local Women NGOs Leaders;
  • Rural Households;
  • Immigrants.
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