Azmari Nirjhar is a versatile modern singer in Bangladesh who sang lots of popular song such as - "Deshlai", "Aradhona", "Jani Ekdin", "Ajker Ei Nishi", "Brishty Theme Gele", "Jol Dighi" etc.

Nirjhar published 3 Solo Albums so far- Poramukhi (2003), Shurjomukhi (2005) & Shopnomukhi (2012).

Nirjhar is an enlisted singer in Bangladesh Television & Bangladesh Betar (National Radio). She has been awarded as Best Singer, Best Playback Singer in several occasions from CJFB, ATN Bangla, BCRA, RTV, BABISUS etc. Nirjhar achieved 1st Place in Notun Kuri, Jatiyo Shikkha Shoptaho, Jatiyo Shishu Puroshkar, Abbasuddin, Kotha Lolitokola, Jatiyo Islamic Foundation Puroshkar etc.

Nirjhar worked in more than 150 Mixed Albums with various Artists. She usually likes to promote new singers who is looking for a break.

Nirjhar is a very popular Playback Singer and has playbacked for more than 50 Films. She also did more than 500 Jingles for TVC and RDC.

Nirjhar Hosted & Anchored several TV Programs, but that is just a Hobby.

Nirjhar is a Professional Singer who likes to stay busy with her Songs, TV & Radio Programs, Playbacks, Stage Shows, Jingles.

Music aside, Nirjhar is associated with "Shocheton Nari Shongothon". This organisation fights for Women Rights. Nirjhar was the convenor of this organisation and was elected President here in 2014.

Nirjhar believes in Equal Rights for Women and that Women are not meant to only Serve Men. Women can and should work beside men in every aspect. Seeing women being tortured by men, from her childhood, Nirjhar had a dream to fight against it. And for that, she started "Shocheton Nari Shongothon" in 21 September, 2010.
Since then, Nirjhar and her organisation is working for Women education, Women independence and fighting against dowry, polygamy, early marriage, eve teasing, prostitution and gender discrimination. Personally, Nirjhar hates fundamentalists who tries to dominate and torture women.

Also, Azmari Nirjhar is associated with Quantum Foundation. She is an active Ardentier of this Non-profit Organization. Nirjhar practices Quantum Meditation & Quantum Yoga regularly.

Nirjhar's mission is to Serve Humanity.